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The Animals ontology is avalible in OWL or RDFS. It is a simple ontology (more properly a taxonomy or folksonomy) of animals encountered in English children's books. It's purpose is to act as a simple gold standard for our initial experiments. There is no claim to biological correctness here.


A corresponding collection of texts for the Animals Ontology is available. It consists of one text from Wikipedia per animal in the ontology. A zip file of the texts is availble here. The files have been downloaded from Wikipedia as text and then all stray elements in angle brackets have been remove as well as the footer beginning "Downloaded from Wikipedia ..." which is repetative.

Ontology Evalaution:

In order to perform Gold Standard evalautions of ontologies, the Abraxas team has implemented the methodology proposed by Klaas Dellschaft and Steffen Staab in "On How to Perform a Gold Standard Based Evaluation of Ontology Learning" International Semantic Web Conference, 2006. The system is both web based and downloadable from here.

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