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Fabio Ciravegna, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield



Amilcare is an adaptive Information Extraction (IE) system intended as support to document annotation in the Semantic Web framework. Amilcare was designed bearing in mind issues such as usability (e.g. by naive Web users), cost of new applications, portability and maintainability, which we believe to be main design issues for enabling IE applications on Semantic Web scenarios. Amilcare can be used as a stand alone IE system or attached to another program via an API. read more





We are no longer distributing Amilcare. Amilcare has now been replaced by TRex. TRex can be downloaded from here.



In the years,a number of systems have integrated Amilcare via API. Among them:
Melita This is our document annotation tool. It is supported by Amilcare to reduce the burden of annotating. If you are interested in Melita, please refer to the official web page.
Ontomat developed at the University of Karlsruhe
MnM developed at the Open University, UK. Amilcare works as a plugin to MnM. Please note: we no longer distribute the plugin
Ontoannotate (Ontoprise, DE)
SemantiK (Quinary, I)

Users: (among others and in random order):

Industrial or Commercial Sites:
SAIC (Us), Max Planck Institute (D), Merck (D), Solcara (GB),
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Us),
Boeing (Us), GlaxoSmithKline (Us), Quinary (I), Ontoprise (D),
Mondeca (F), Camera dei Deputati (Italian Parliament) (I)

Academic Sites:
University College Dublin (IE), CNRS (F), University of Cambridge (UK), University of Trier (D),
NCRS Demokritos (Gr), Carnegie Mellon University (Usa)
University of Illinois (Usa), University of Texas, Austin (Usa), Open University (UK),
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (Dk), University of Southampton (UK),
Arizona State University (Usa), Naval Postgraduate School Monterey (Usa),



Amilcare’s development is supported under

Amilcare uses Gate for some preliminary linguistic analysis. Gate isa tool for architectures for language engineering developed at the University of Sheffield. Gate is used for for tokenization, sentence identification, part of speech tagging, gazetteer lookup adn named entity recognition.



Fabio Ciravegna, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield,
Regent Court, 211 Portobello Street, S1 4DP, Sheffield, UK

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