Cub Reporter Web Page

Cub Reporter is a 3-year EPSRC funded project, commencing January 2003, which aims to investigate information systems capable of supporting the intelligent gathering of background information in response to a new event, a scenario exemplified in the activities of journalists covering breaking news stories.

In addressing this scenario, the project aims to integrate the technologies of information extraction, information retrieval, question answering and multidocument summarisation into a novel and advanced natural language processing system- an 'electronic cub reporter'. This system will offer far more to the area of investigative intelligence gathering than any one of these technologies can offer on its own.

While we intend to concentrate on the journalistic scenario, investigative intelligence gathering in response to a new event is by no means exclusive to the news-producing community and the work in Cub Reporter will be applicable to information seeking professionals working in commercial, policing, military and scientific domains.

Cub Reporter is a collaboration between the Natural Language Processing Group, Department of Computer Science and the Department of Journalism, at the University of Sheffield.