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General Aims Of The myGrid Project
The myGrid project aims to develop a workbench for the e-scientist where in-silico experiments can be run using a single unified interface. A large number of computer readable resources will be made available transparently and abstracted to a functional level where the user only has to request a function be carried out and the the myGrid software will perform that function and return the results without the user having to worry about how or where the processes are being performed.
myGrid Research At Sheffield
The aim of the research at Sheffield is to provide a whole new range of textual services and methods of accessing textual information for the myGrid project. Terminology and relational information is being intelligently extracted from the scientific literature to provide brief templates showing the important points of the papers allowing rapid scanning for useful papers. The extraction of terms and matching of those terms to aliases and abbreviations gives the possibility for a more intelligent method of text searching, taking into account that a single term may be represented in a number of different ways and so discovering information resources that would be missed by more simple string matching systems.
myGrid Personel At Sheffield
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The EPSRC website myGrid is an EPSRC funded project