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CLUK Manifesto

CLUK is a broad-based organization for computational linguists and NLP researchers in the UK, with no theoretical presuppositions except that text is important, difficult and generally a good thing. Its aims include:

Until now, CL in the UK has not had its own organisation. The SALT club has played an important related role, but in SALT the focus has always been on joint speech/language work, and on collaborative industrial/academic work. While these points of contact are important and valuable, it leaves us without a forum for CL issues where they do not essentially involve speech or industrial collaboration. We would like the EPSRC and other bodies to be able to hear the CL/text community's interests, and not always get the joint Speech-Language view. We believe EPSRC would like to hear that view.

This is, therefore, a SALT supplement, as well as to any other structures for Speech and Language that may emerge through the IEE. We would anticipate CLUK working closely with SALT or its derivatives. If SALT decays or stops, CLUK may do more.

CLUK gathers momentum, we shall be proposing elections and other mechanisms to ensure that CLUK does a reasonable job of representing the community to funding and other bodies. For now we have just taken it upon ourselves to set CLUK up on the assumption that some good things can be started without budgets, and without public meetings etc.

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