zip Pure Java WordNet Similarity Library (v1.0.0, released 17/04/2007)
A pure Java implementation of a number of standard WordNet similarity measures. Currently the library only contains implementations of JCn and Lin, although others will hopefully be added soon.
zip RESuLT Collections API (v1.0.0, released 18/09/2006)
This library contains collection implementations developed for the RESuLT project which may be of use to others. Currently the API contains a file backed hash map to allow for persistant storage and/or lower memory consumption.
zip Parsing Framework API (v1.0.0, released 20/06/2006)
This framework provides a generic way of interacting with text parsers. The framework itself does not contain wrappers for any parsers but a number of wrappers are also available or you could produce your own following the simple API.
zip MINIPAR Wrapper (v1.0.0, released 20/06/2006)
A wrapper for the popular MINIPAR parser developed by Dekang Lin. As well as this wrapper you will have to download the appropriate distribution of MINIPAR for your platform.
zip Stanford Wrapper (v1.0.0, released 20/06/2006)
A wrapper for the Stanford parser developed by the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group. As well as this wrapper you will have to download a copy of the Stanford parser.
zip Java/Perl WordNet Similarity Library (v2.0.2, released 10/11/2006)
A Java wrapper around the popular (and highly useful) Perl WordNet::Similarity package developed by Ted Pederson et al. It relies on Inline::Java to act as a bridge between Java and the original Perl code. Note that this library is being deprecated in favour of the pure Java version and so will no longer be supported.