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Welcome to the TRESTLE project home-page
"Text Retrieval, Extraction and Summarisation for Large Enterprises"
The application of state-of-the-art techniques for information extraction to a large-scale, real-world situation, namely some newsfeeds used by GlaxoSmithKline. From the academic point of view this gives a view on which techniques stand a chance of real use, and which directions pragmatic research could go in. From the commercial point of view a state-of-the-art system gives new utility to existing information, which is a competitive edge.

Train on a trestle

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2001-01-24 ph change to GSK's name & logo
2000-12-20 ph the whole site moves to a new machine outside the DCS firewall, so that IS and Glaxo can see CGI-generated pages. NetMind registrations should migrate from the old pages.
2000-04-07 ph arranged for a version of the site which doesn't use frames or JavaScript
2000-03-17 ph added mockup of system showing named-entity results. Sensitive information now in a secure directory: email me for the password.
2000-02-25 ph add several menu items from IR, courtesy of hf; use overLIB to get help text on mousing over a link
2000-01-07 ph change menu system from FolderTree to Joust rather than fix FolderTree to do what I want.
1999-12-22 ph draft version for comment; needs frames & javascript; the right-hand side will have 'trestle' superimposed at some point;  additional graphics by dg.  The Trestle icon is the Japanese character for torii, which are shrine gates between the secular & sacred, or form & meaning perhaps; it looks not unlike a trestle and TRESTLE runs on GATE (OK OK, try this).
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